Don’t let the heat melt your summer projects

I’ll just start off by being honest. This week is going to be a short read.

Why, you ask?

I’m writing this on the first day of summer; and I intend to take advantage of the longest day of the year (regarding the amount of time the sun is shining).

Do we have anything in common?

One thing I have always dreaded was “summer time”.

Not because I’m a crazy person who thinks the government will spy on me via satellite if I’m outside.

No, it’s much simpler than that… I HATE BEING OVERLY WARM. So, if we agree on that, then you can nod in agreement throughout this entire post. [Thanks in advance].

What projects are worth melting for?

Alright, so the mercury is climbing, and “projects” around the house start to build up. Now is the time to choose wisely. If you can help it, tearing up your entire roof to replace it is NOT the first thing that comes to mind when hearing “fun in the sun”, unless sun poisoning and heat exhaustion are your idea of fun.

Projects that might be worth a little heat include:

  • Build a tree-house with your kids! [Or if you’re an adult child, then build one for yourself] Now there are plenty of plans online for this type of project. Or you could just wing it, go nuts and tear apart some pallets to build a budget clubhouse.
  • Gazebo anybody? If you need a cool hangout spot, then go all out and get a gazebo kit! (Or if you’re a more experienced DIY, then build one from scratch).

Small projects matter too!

  • Install that Air Conditioning Unit! Now, this goes without saying. I have an 8,000 BTU window unit AC for my apartment, and that has been installed since the beginning of May.
  • Swimming Pools Though it can be a complicated process, having a swimming pool to cool off quickly can be enjoyable and relaxing. Anywhere from the inflatable pools, in ground pools and above ground setups.
  • Swing sets On a warm breezy day, those swings used to call our names as children. But for some of us, it was every day, not just warm days.

Now this of course is not a comprehensive list of projects that can be done in the heat, but it’s a good start. Unless you enjoy sitting around, with nothing to do, then picking up small projects over the summer is a great way to get through it.

Naturally, the ideal summer would be spent traveling for 60 full days without a care in the world. But for most of us, that’s not exactly possible, and so I typically turn to small projects, short day trips and time at the park.

So now that the summer has finally kicked off, get out there and enjoy the long days of sunshine and cookouts with friends and family!

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