3 Ways to Increase Your Value

Without sounding like a scammy internet guru here, I’m going to let a not so secretive secret out in the open.

There are ways that I have personally proven my value to employers (and teachers in school), and I have been compensated for it.

Now, in the case of being in school… There are no raises, there are no tricks to get teachers to grade you better than you deserve, but having good character traits will keep you (and those associated with you) out of trouble sometimes, even if you deserve it.

These tips will improve your status with just about anybody you see daily…


Your loved ones, spouse, friends and family.

Your boss (if you have one)

Your customers! (everyone has these, whether you acknowledge it or not)

What am I rambling about here? Check out the tips below!

Tip #1: Always GIVE first, and do so without expectation

This is where YOU provide the value. It’s important to establish your own internal standard.

How do we satisfy our own internal need for achievement?

Personally, I take pride in everything that I do, and I typically surround myself with like-minded people.

I get work on time every day, act attentively to any requests made of me, and always put in the effort. Not because I’m trying to suck up to the boss though.

I’m more concerned with what I think of myself, rather than the opinion of others.

I value my own integrity, and I am sure to protect it.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Remember that phrase forever.

Remember it when you’re sweeping the floor at work.

Remember it while you’re doing a chore that’s not yours to do today.

Remember it when you’re speaking to customers in a professional AND casual manner.

Also, don’t expect anything in return for “extra effort”.

In fact, don’t even call it EXTRA effort… Consider it a new standard for yourself, and hold yourself to it.

That is how you level up.

Don’t adopt the mentality of expecting praise before making improvements. You have to put forth the effort without expectation. That means, you’ll have to continually put forth the same effort, regardless of compensation.

We are not entitled to something, simply because we dream it up and convince ourselves we are.

Earn your own self-respect, put in the effort, and the universe will work out the details.

Don’t work for the raise, work for yourself, and chances are you’ll be compensated in more ways than just financially.

Always give first, and do so without expectation.

Tip #2: Listen when others speak

It seems to be an ancient art, lost among texts and emails.

When you use the features attached to your head in the right proportions (2 ears compared to 1 mouth), you’ll find that doors will open up for you.

You can learn so much about another person by paying attention to them. This is not a manipulative tactic in order to get what you want from people either.

This is an exchange; people want to be understood, and be given attention. You want to improve your sales, your marriage, friendship, your pay rate.

If nothing else, practice this tip repeatedly and you’ll see results immediately. By tuning in to others and listening to understand instead of listening to respond, you’ll begin to read people. Reading people in another valuable skill to hone.

Listen when others speak.

Tip# 3: Solve problems for people, don’t just sell them your junk

This is not just for sales.

There’s a good sales analogy coming right up though!

“Don’t make a key, then go around finding a lock to open with it” – Seth Godin.

What that means is, don’t create a solution and then look for a problem to solve. That won’t get you very far.

Utilizing tip #2, we can listen to people we’re interacting with.

During this exchange we can determine what their needs are, any pain points they may have, and then develop a solution that is custom-tailored to their problems.

Utilizing tip #1, now that we know what problem the other person is having (spouse, boss, customer, etc), we can GIVE them value. Don’t jump right out and sell them on something in order to just make the sale.

If your wife/husband complains about always having to do the dishes (and you listened), don’t sell your spouse on a dishwasher purchase.

Now, the problem isn’t that they always have to do dishes. The problem is that they want some help doing them.

First, provide some value by doing the dishes yourself, research some dishwashers and come up with a way to show off the best model in the right price range.

Say something like “I have been looking into dish washers recently, and this is what I’ve found”. Boom. Value provided, AND you washed the dishes yourself which should have put the other person out of defensive mode and into “hey, we could really use the time we’d save with a dishwasher doing something together”.

You get more time with your spouse, your dishes are clean, and everyone wins.

Solve problems for people, don’t just sell them your junk.

Bonus Content

If you’re looking to improve your people skills for work, for leisure, for relationships… It would benefit you to find a mentor who has some pointers.

Luckily, the least expensive option would be a mentor in print.

Yeah, I’m talking about a book that is loaded with information that would benefit every person interested in self improvement.

This book, written by a brilliant man who was born in Missouri in 1988, and died in NY in 1955 is a collection of his greatest lessons learned through a lifetime of studying people through first hand interactions and interviews.

I may be selling you right now on using the above tips. I’m also selling you on buying a book that’s going to help even more. But, I’ve provided the value to back up the request for you to purchase the book above.

Only buy the book if you want to invest in yourself. Just remember, you’re worth the investment.

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