How to make an extra $200 this month

Who wants to snag an extra $200 EVERY month? These tips could work for that as well.

Let’s get to the info!

Sell Your Stuff

You might be thinking “No way! I like my things!” but I’m not talking about the items that you use every day, or the couch you’ve sat in for 6 hours a day, every day for the last five years (but that’s an option).

Go to your closets, basement, storage unit, and anywhere else you keep items that you haven’t held in weeks, months or years.

Things like jackets, old/working electronics, books, guitars, and thousands of other possible items still worth money but are not serving you at the moment.

Here are some things I’ve sold:

  • Books [I’ve collected a few dozen personal development books the past few years, and I let a handful sell so that I could buy some more].
  • Car Parts [My Mr. Gasket street scoop for a small block Chevy sold on eBay within 6 days, catching me $175 profit. I intended to use the scoop on a Nova project, but the project needed other more important parts, so I let the scoop go].
  • Watches [Some people are sneaker-heads; I’m an amateur watch collector, because I love their usefulness and design].
  • Cars, Skateboards, Wheels/Tires, RC Cars, etc [I’ve used Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for years now to make ends meet, or fund my next adventure. It’s very easy to post as long as you put in enough detail].

Sell your Skills!

This is the big one that I will always push. You have a skill that someone is willing to pay for.

This one might take some work in order to market the skill to a group that is interested in the service you can provide.

The list is never ending because there are millions of niches very specific to what you are capable of doing.

In my experience, I’ve pocketed some extra cash doing the following:

  • Carpentry work – Building a deck for a neighbor, family friend, or complete stranger is not unusual for me. It will fetch a few hundred dollars, and could take as little as an afternoon depending on the size. If you’ve got the means to do it, by all means, build stuff with your hands.
  • Landscaping Cut the grass for someone who would rather trade money for time saved, or someone whose physical limitations won’t allow them to cut their grass anymore (in this case, you could probably use their equipment to do so, and charge a lower rate for your own convenience). Move some piles of stones around to rake a driveway flat, cut back some brush or bushes, etc. This is a big category, and ANYONE can do it. We’ll extend this category to include winter clean-up as well [SHOVEL IF YOU HAVE TO].
  • Writing I’ve drafted business letters for people (even including a sale agreement for the whole business purchase), marketing campaigns, resume writing, letters of resignation, bill collection notices, product descriptions, and a few other things. But, the market is wide open to writers, even if you’re not the most technical writer out there, you just need to know how to speak to “the people”.
  • Fabrication While I was a fabricator by trade, I would regularly trade my services to people “on the side”, whether it was consulting with them to direct their projects, or physically getting involved in it. The experience I had in the industry allowed me to sell my skills with a significant amount of confidence.
  • Auto Body Repairs By far this is my favorite extra curricular skill to sell to people. I absolutely love working with metal, body hammers, sand paper, and cars all day long. I’ve painted a few hoods, done a lot of buffing/detailing, and it has helped me put more tools in my arsenal.

    So, use the skills you have to make you some extra money. It takes no extra investment if you already have the tools and skill(s) to do the work in the first place.

Deliver Pizzas

Are you single, or married and REALLY struggling financially? Enough to convince your significant other that you need to be gone for a few hours a night?

Oh boy, do I have the gig for you!!

The lucrative business of delivering pizzas will surprise you with the possibility to amass some serious pocket cash. Between wages paid by the employer and tips received from delighted customers… You’re in for it.

Check out the details below:

Assuming your average hourly pay falls in the same median range as the entire country of the USA, you’ll be fetching $10/Hr roughly.

Assuming that you get ZERO dollars in tips (which is extremely unlikely).

Plus, we’ll assume that you can work from 6PM-10PM only 5 days per week (you can catch more hours, and more money by working a Saturday or Sunday).

Do you know how much you would make in a year meeting the parameters above?

Making $10/hr, 4 hours per day, 5 days per week… You’re looking at an extra $10,400 a year. That’s “easy” money.

That’s more than the $200 this month I promised you… That’s an extra $866 per month before taxes are taken out. Plus fuel costs will be low if you have an efficient car because restaurants only offer delivery for a 5 mile radius typically.

Pizza delivery people are always in demand! This is America, so the gluttonous folks who call in for delivery will never stop. That’s called job security.

Imagine you have a part time job that pays $14/hr, that gives you 32 hours per week, you’re pulling almost $2000 per month, then add in the pizza money and you’re pulling over $3000 per month (with tips). If you have a full time job that pays more, you’re looking at a good year.

The money is out there, you just have to want it

The biggest hold up between you and making more money is you.

I used to value my free time more than making money (and sometimes I still choose to have free time rather than the cash flow).

But, ultimately, anybody can be creative enough to do the outlined suggestions above, or CREATE YOUR OWN MARKET by doing something you love with a side hustle, or a full time hustle.

The point is to get out there, and make your own destiny through determination, and passion for building something brilliant.

Who knows, it might turn into a full time income that could scale into a real business. One in which you could hire out the day-to-day operations, pocket a regular income and build the next business.

Before you know it… You’re an entrepreneur!

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