Make Your Guests Feel Welcome For A Handy Christmas

It’s a crazy time of year, and the majority of us are not prepared enough to have everything we need right now.

Whether you’re a procrastinator, or you’re just swamped at work or with family gatherings this time of year, chances are you’re missing some things as well.

The easiest way to eliminate any confusion, and to keep up on the necessary tasks is obvious.

Make a List!

Check it twice!

No, but seriously, make a list of things you have been putting off because you’re busy doing more important tasks, or you’re busy ignoring the Home Improvement stuff that is a drag.

Some list items should include things in preparation for family to gather in your home (if you host those gatherings), or simply to keep your home tidy in the winter months.

My list looks like this:

  • Shake out hallway rug
  • Level out hanging framed pictures
  • Tuck/cover the wires from my wall-mounted television (I have been putting this off for 5 months now…)
  • Nail down loose boards on my back porch
  • Put out the welcome mat for guests to wipe their feet of the sand and salt on my walkway
  • Clear out empty boxes in my living area from delivered Christmas presents
  • Clean throw blankets and vacuum under the couch
  • Organize my living room bookshelf
  • Dig out spare chairs and table leaf from storage for extra guests

I think you get the idea.

Things that I have been meaning to do, but for one reason or another forgot or intentionally put off will need to get done eventually.

Some other things to check up on!

Are all of your flashlights charged, and have you put some spare batteries away in case of an emergency?

There are few thing worse than having a merry and bright Christmas in the dark.

In fact, since we’re now on the topic of electricity and our dependence on it…

It’s a good time to mention that wall outlets shouldn’t be overloaded to accommodate an excessive amount of twinkle lights. So, if any of your outlets look like this:

You should really seek an alternative, or at least take a quick jog over to The Spruce to read this article: How to Avoid Overloaded Circuits With Christmas Lights by Timothy Thiele.

Moving on to the rest of your home fixtures and outlets

Take a short trip around your home, and test light switches you don’t typically use to make sure they’re still functioning, and if they need attention.

Chances are when your family comes over, they’re less familiar with your home than you are, so all 4 of the light switches in your bathroom are going to be toggled up and down on your nephews first trip in there.

Do your house a favor and fix it while it’s fresh in your mind, or hire a professional to stop in and do so.

Also, grab a couple extra phone chargers and be the coolest host ever when somebody needs a little extra juice for their device!

My personal recommendation would be a product from the people over at Anker because their stuff is top notch quality, and is well worth the price regardless of what tech or wires you need.

The final stretch

You’ll need to have open space to move around in a party setting, so clear out any clutter, or the 8 pairs of shoes you have on a tray next to your door.

[We know that you only wear 2 pair of those, so just pack them away already].

If you’re going to be serving your Great Aunt Tilly’s famous spiked eggnog, you’ll want to make sure the furniture is set up according to drunken law of “if it’s not against a wall, someone will fall over it”.

But really, everything should be set up to accommodate the amount of guests you have, and to minimize any risk if an emergency situation does come up.

I won’t list any specific emergencies, because I don’t want to ruin anybody’s tradition by saying real Christmas trees catch fire, especially if they’re under-watered.

Interested to know the dangers? Check out this article on How Fast Does a Christmas Tree Burn?

Above All Else

Enjoy the time with friends and family during this Holiday season, and don’t forget what it’s all about.

Getting together to round out another year of good times and bad, but knowing that we’re wiser and more prepared for what happens next.

Enjoy the time everybody! Merry Christmas if you celebrate it, and if you don’t, then enjoy whichever tradition you acknowledge!

Side Note:

If you find yourself alone for the Holidays, don’t get yourself down, because your future holds whatever you consistently hand it. You’re not alone, and there’s no shame in admitting if you need help dealing with hard times.

For help during this rough time of year for some, here is a resource to use: Lifeline

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