How Can Doing the Dishes Can Save Your Relationship?

Read that title again because you have to understand how important the little things are.

I know you’ve got things to do, so I’m going to keep this post super short and sweet.

The dishes… Really?

Absolutely! It seems tiny and insignificant, but trust me (guys out there), if you’re getting home from work and plopping down on the couch to channel surf, play video games, or take an afternoon nap.. You’re failing just like I was.

The dishes pile up (especially if you have to wash them by hand), and my wife would always do them without a single complaint. This NEVER dawned on me [yes, I’m a horrible person].

When your spouse is constantly keeping track of your living space by cleaning and organizing everything, you should at least be noticing and trying to help.

If you’re feeling a resistance from your significant other, it’s because they’re tired of doing all of the housework, it doesn’t matter what kind of job you have, jump in there and do the dishes to see what kind of response you get.

I guarantee if it’s something you don’t normally do, you’re going to get noticed in a big way!

“But, I work a hard labor job and break my back all day”

Don’t fall into the same old “I deserve to relax when I get home”.

I used to be the same way! After 11 hours on my feet toting around heavy sheet metal, grinding, sanding, bending, everything under the sun to get the jobs out of the shop, all I wanted to do was shower and relax when I got home.

But, my marriage was suffering and I didn’t even realize it. My wife also went to work during the day, bringing in an income and taking care of our home.

But even if she hadn’t been working a ‘job’, nobody is “sitting at home” like it’s vacation while taking care of kids.

You might understand this if you’ve been quarantined during this pandemic, and experiencing your children all day consecutively for the first time.

Don’t stop at the dishes

The experts say “baby steps” will get you to your goal, and your goal should really be to make your relationship better.

I don’t believe in baby steps when it comes to the biggest part of your life. I believe in going in head first.

Take the kids for a short time to give your spouse a break, do the dishes, vacuum, sweep, take out the garbage for dags sake!

Nothing is beneath you when you’re in a partnership with your significant other, so get to work and build your life back up.

What’s going to happen?

You’re going to feel the change in a matter of hours or days.

Not only will your relationship be strengthening, you’ll gain a new respect for your spouse and how much effort they put in.

Plus! [This is the big one]

If you help with the “chores”, you’ll free up your partner to spend more time relaxing WITH you, which is really what we need. I can’t stress enough how important this connection will be to strengthen your relationship.

Anyone who has been through a divorce will know how traumatizing it is for their children (most times), and nobody wants that experience for their kids.

So, put your phone down now, get up, and go wash the damn dishes Bill!

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