3 Reasons Homeowners Are Going Battery Powered

With homeownership (or property maintenance) comes great responsibility to develop and complete projects around the house. Now for folks in the USA, the Spring season is in clear view and we’re preparing to get outside for projects as well.

Yep! Time to bust out the dusty old lawnmower, wrestle with 2-stroke equipment like weed trimmers and leaf blowers for some Spring cleanup; hopefully you remembered to treat your fuel stored in those devilish red plastic cans or you’re going to pour problems right into your equipment.

Don’t sweat, there is a solution to the problem, and the trend has been building in the industry for years now!

Cordless Battery Powered Equipment

Ryobi Battery Powered Leafblower

You might be thinking I’m crazy, but hear me out. You can replace all of your lawn equipment with battery-powered equipment if your property is under 2 acres.

Offering lawn mowers, leaf blowers, weed trimmers, snowblowers, and plenty in between.

Here are the problems you’ll solve by looking into making the switch.

1 – Annoying Maintenance

It will cease to exist.

There is no oil, gas, spark plugs, air filters, NOTHING to maintain other than the battery pack itself and to store the equipment appropriately to protect the electrical components.

You might not know this, but I work in an outdoor equipment service role, and I’m not trying to deter Commercial customers from buying machines that run off fossil fuels because they still play a very important role in the industry.

I’m talking to the typical homeowner or weekend warrior who just wants to maintain a nice property. Let’s face it, most of us don’t maintain our equipment the right way (some do!) and it leads to costly repairs or replacing the whole machine.

That’s not going to be a major concern or pain point in battery-powered equipment.

2 – Gas Prices and storage

We all see the prices skyrocketing, especially after the news from the spat over in Russia and Ukraine driving up the price of oil.

It’s bad enough to stop at the pump and fill our cars to get back and forth to work, but it makes maintaining a small property even more of an annoying chore at times.

Maybe you’re even paying someone to maintain your small property because you don’t want to deal with having fuel cans around and having to keep tabs on your equipment’s service intervals.

I know it’s a pain to keep fuel stored properly and to remember to put in the additives at the end of the season. I forget sometimes and then have to find a place who will dispose of the bad fuel for me which is even more of a hassle.

Ryobi Battery Landscaping Tools

3 – Noise Ordinance

Living in a housing development or a neighborhood with an HOA (Home Owners Association) can be a nightmare for some.

I know that I work long hours sometimes and don’t get home until late, which could be past the time for a certain decibel of noisy equipment to be run.

So then I’d have to wait until Saturday afternoon when I get home from work to muck through caring for my lawn. If it rains, then I’d have to wait until the next Saturday to clear, the now shin height grass.

It’s another inconvenience I could avoid with whisper-quiet, battery-powered equipment.

I’m not saying throw away all of your gas powered equipment

I’m just bringing to your attention the alternatives.

Maybe it’s not for you. Maybe it is for you.

Do some more in-depth research at more established resources like family handyman and similar sites that highlight and compare specs for equipment like this.

Either way, be ready for the weather to shift and get out there to do some outdoor Home Improvement!

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