How to make an extra $200 this month

Who wants to snag an extra $200 EVERY month? These tips could work for that as well. Let's get to the info! Sell Your Stuff You might be thinking "No way! I like my things!" but I'm not talking about the items that you use every day, or the couch you've sat in for 6... Continue Reading →

Tips on buying a car from a dealership

Dealerships have earned a bad reputation since the beginning of time. Everyone's uncle Ted has something bad to say about an experience they had at the "stealership" down the road... We're going to clear up the difference between lacking proper education and actually being taken advantage of. When should you buy from a dealership? Most... Continue Reading →

What is the deal with October 31st?

We all remember dressing up in costumes (some of us still do) for Halloween. A night of pure adrenaline, rushing to door after door, being greeted by strangers, neighbors and school teachers alike. If you're American, like me, you probably haven't put much thought into the Holidays we celebrate in relation to the rest of... Continue Reading →

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