My Story

I grew up in a small town with a lot of heart and work ethic.

Learning to do everything yourself wasn’t just a badge you could wear, but a necessity to be accepted.

That’s where my story takes shape; I always had projects and work to do after school and on weekends.

In the fall and spring it was yard cleanup for a few accounts my dad had in his landscaping business that he did after his day job. In the winter it was shoveling… There was a lot of shoveling to do here in the North East! Of fourse summertime brought along carpentry projects, lawn maintenance clients and hard work.

Fast forward a little:

I’m a Father of two girls who I love and always tend to my obligations to protect and support them.

I was married for 6 years, but for mutual reasons have been separated. My wife was absolutely fantastic for our 10 year relationship, but things don’t always work out. We’re some kickass co-parents though, I’ll say that!!

But why am I a writer?

I have always enjoyed the English language, and have always been a reader. I always drew attention from teachers for my writing flow, neat handwriting and prompt completion of work.

Finding your passion is sometimes just about looking under your nose. I have always enjoyed writing; I realized only a couple of years ago that it could be a career.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs