Get floored by your home!

THE BIG DEAL?! Hardwood flooring can not only look great while adding an extra element to your home, but it could command a higher sale price when it comes time to put it on the market and finally make that move to Canada you've been putting off for 10 years.

Escape from (Heat)

While certainly the presence of summertime is joyful for the few who are still in school but have an 8-10 week break here in the US, it's also a dreadful time for plenty of people (especially those who work outside for a living). While it's not possible to totally avoid the heat, and live in... Continue Reading →

Enjoying the summer

So, now that summer has begun, I'm certain most people are excited for the cool nights spent by a campfire, surrounded by friends and family! I'm going to go over a few things that could help make this summer the best one yet. One of the more important aspects of a cookout is organization. There's... Continue Reading →

Don’t let the heat melt your summer projects

Naturally, the ideal summer would be spent traveling for 60 full days without a care in the world. But for most of us, that's not exactly possible, and so I typically turn to small projects, short day trips and time at the park.

Hitting the ‘pause’ button

In your lifetime, work will take up at least 50% of your time. It's like our second home (unless you're lucky enough to work from home doing something you enjoy). I realize this blog has been based around home improvement, metalworking and woodworking; I want to take a step back this week and talk about... Continue Reading →

This is Pressing!

While puns aren't important, some basic knowledge on a press brake can be! What is a press brake? Well, it's basically a big machine that presses sheet metal (usually) using a set of what is called "tooling dies" to form a bent work piece. With that use, they're loosely referred to as a "benders". There... Continue Reading →

House out of date?

Walking into a home and seeing pastel yellow paint in the kitchen (with all of the appliances to match), gives the feeling that we've just walked through a time machine and we're standing inside of a 1970s home. While we wait for the record player to spin up some Conway Twitty to fill this IBM... Continue Reading →

Improve your “Curb Appeal”: Driveway Edition

Plenty of people want to improve the overall look of their home from the exterior. But, the options available are so plentiful, it's sometimes hard to narrow down what will make your property look best. Have you looked at your driveway lately? Is it raggedy looking cobble stone, dirt/gravel, cement, or cracked and faded pavement?... Continue Reading →

Do You Feel A Draft?

If you're sitting in any room in your house during the cooler months of the year and feel a breeze (no matter how slight), you may want to check it out. While having the ceiling fan or some other type of air circulation device running may be soothing, that's not what we're talking about. What... Continue Reading →

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