House out of date?

Walking into a home and seeing pastel yellow paint in the kitchen (with all of the appliances to match), gives the feeling that we've just walked through a time machine and we're standing inside of a 1970s home. While we wait for the record player to spin up some Conway Twitty to fill this IBM... Continue Reading →

Improve your “Curb Appeal”: Driveway Edition

Plenty of people want to improve the overall look of their home from the exterior. But, the options available are so plentiful, it's sometimes hard to narrow down what will make your property look best. Have you looked at your driveway lately? Is it raggedy looking cobble stone, dirt/gravel, cement, or cracked and faded pavement?... Continue Reading →

Do You Feel A Draft?

If you're sitting in any room in your house during the cooler months of the year and feel a breeze (no matter how slight), you may want to check it out. While having the ceiling fan or some other type of air circulation device running may be soothing, that's not what we're talking about. What... Continue Reading →

Buying a House? Consider this!

Every American probably has though to themselves (or out loud) at least once that owning a home would be magnificent! A place you can modify and improve upon for years to come. Some even jump online to look at listings and dream about their ideal home. But, hold up. There are some things you should... Continue Reading →

Finding a good contractor

You're pretty handy around the house, and you can usually fix your own problems. But what about a leaking roof? Are you prepared to invest time, energy, and money into doing a job that may not withstand the test of time before needing more repairs because maybe one step got left out? You're lucky to... Continue Reading →

Happy Winter?

Waking up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water is a common occurrence in my home; but, when a simple task like that is halted by the unmistakable sound of a weak hiss from the faucet with no liquid to find... Yep, there's a problem. If it's winter, the pipes... Continue Reading →

What is Home Improvement?

Home Improvement is not just a popular sitcom from the entire length of the 1990s. It's what millions of home owners do every year to keep their property in tip top shape! Sometimes keeping up on your home can be a major headache! (But you could hire someone to do it for you if it's... Continue Reading →

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