Abrasive Finishing Explained

It really depends on who is being asked the question, but generally if all employees of a metal fabrication shop are polled to see which department is the "worst", there will likely be a lot of votes for grinding/deburr department. While their reason may vary dramatically, it really comes down to one (or all) of... Continue Reading →

Train Your Replacement!

When it comes to "on the job training", how do you treat new hires as a manager? This can be a touchy subject depending on the mentality of the manager or supervisor; there's really only two ways to feel about new hires. "THEY WANT TO TAKE MY JOB" In my experience, this feeling is buried... Continue Reading →

Don’t Plan Without Follow-Through

One thing that has plagued mankind for eternity is underestimating the usefulness of a "well-laid plan". I'm certainly not alone in experiencing pain during a time when I naively thought all would follow a plan that seemed perfect in every way. This leads to lower self-confidence, less fulfillment and hesitation when making decisions in the... Continue Reading →

Don’t be late for work!

Picture this! You roll over in bed, see your alarm clock but don't actually focus on it. You close your eyes for a split second, then... BAM! Your eye lids slingshot back open. "Oh ****, I'm going to be late for work" You slept through your alarm (or more likely, hit snooze or shut it... Continue Reading →

Stainless Steel (Witchcraft?)

As you know, steel is a metal with many different properties. It can be malleable (the level of such depends upon the thickness and composition). While cold-rolled-steel may be easily manipulated at a thinner side of the spectrum (around 0.60"), you'll be hard pressed to do the same to material at a quarter-inch thick. Cold-Rolled-Steel... Continue Reading →

Work Place Efficiency

Whether at our jobs, or in our garage or shed, having your own systems and organization is key to succeeding. What good is a shop filled with tools if you can't find that 9/16" box wrench? Today, I'm going to go over a few ways to get things organized in your work place. Actual Work... Continue Reading →

Want a job in manufacturing? Here are 4 things you should consider!

Chances are, you love to create with your hands, and you don't mind a little hard work. If the above sentence doesn't sound like you, then there is still a place for you in manufacturing... but, you'll need a degree, or significant experience in management, programming, or accounting. But, for the rest of us, maybe... Continue Reading →


Back in High School, you may have taken an introduction to wood shop. I'll be willing to bet there was a lathe in that classroom, even if it was rarely used (if it was used at all). We didn't know what we were doing, so all my classmates and I ever made on those things... Continue Reading →

Insert title near side

The title seems like it's a bit wacky, but that's a note you might see in a blueprint if you're in one very important department in a sheetmetal manufacturing facility... This department can be known by many names: "Pemming", "Insertion", and a few others. For the sake of this post, we'll just call it pemming.... Continue Reading →


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