3 Handy Ways To Endure A Quarantine

It's almost May, and most of the Country is still on lockdown in some capacity. Either a "stay-at-home" order, or an all out restriction of travel and non-essential trips.

Get floored by your home!

THE BIG DEAL?! Hardwood flooring can not only look great while adding an extra element to your home, but it could command a higher sale price when it comes time to put it on the market and finally make that move to Canada you've been putting off for 10 years.

Train Your Replacement!

When it comes to "on the job training", how do you treat new hires as a manager? This can be a touchy subject depending on the mentality of the manager or supervisor; there's really only two ways to feel about new hires. "THEY WANT TO TAKE MY JOB" In my experience, this feeling is buried … Continue reading Train Your Replacement!

Don’t Plan Without Follow-Through

One thing that has plagued mankind for eternity is underestimating the usefulness of a "well-laid plan". I'm certainly not alone in experiencing pain during a time when I naively thought all would follow a plan that seemed perfect in every way. This leads to lower self-confidence, less fulfillment and hesitation when making decisions in the … Continue reading Don’t Plan Without Follow-Through

Don’t be late for work!

Picture this! You roll over in bed, see your alarm clock but don't actually focus on it. You close your eyes for a split second, then... BAM! Your eye lids slingshot back open. "Oh ****, I'm going to be late for work" You slept through your alarm (or more likely, hit snooze or shut it … Continue reading Don’t be late for work!

Work Place Efficiency

Whether at our jobs, or in our garage or shed, having your own systems and organization is key to succeeding. What good is a shop filled with tools if you can't find that 9/16" box wrench? Today, I'm going to go over a few ways to get things organized in your work place. Actual Work … Continue reading Work Place Efficiency

Slowing down

While metalworking has it's interesting qualities (which draw me in like a moth to a flame), there's another type of work that personally piques my interest. Woodworking can be enjoyable and can improve patience, and craftsmanship in a way that other materials just can't. For instance, sanding a piece of metal for 6 hours produces … Continue reading Slowing down

What is a lathe?

Back in High School, you may have taken an introduction to wood shop. I'll be willing to bet there was a lathe in that classroom, even if it was rarely used (if it was used at all). We didn't know what we were doing, so all my classmates and I ever made on those things … Continue reading What is a lathe?

Safety in the shop

It's not a mystery that when more equipment is around, the inherent risks of operating (or even existing in the space) becomes more hazardous. But seriously, how bad could it be? Considering I've seen plenty of people who hardly ever wear a respirator (or even a simple dust mask), we've got a few things to … Continue reading Safety in the shop

Designed to last centuries

In the United States alone, there are buildings that have stood the test of time for hundreds of years! There are buildings in New Mexico dating back to 1000 AD-1450 AD, but they're made from adobe (Earth mixed with water and straw). But I'm not speaking to building materials of stone, adobe or similar. There … Continue reading Designed to last centuries