My Services

Copy writing/ Content creation

  • Website Copy – The objective to is to create original content to shine the brightest light on your company with SEO in mind. This service is focused on your personal/business website :
    • About
    • Home Page
    • Mission Statement
    • Articles
    • Blog Posts
    • Product Descriptions
    • Any combination of the above, or custom requests not listed.
  • Email Marketing/Newsletters – To create compelling emails that can be dropped into a service that simultaneously sends an email to everyone in your email list for product updates, calls to action, or any news your business has to share with customers (past, current, or prospective).
  • Product Descriptions- In order to highlight the awesome selling points of your product/service and get the prospective buyer excited about the product or service, it has to be worded perfectly.
  • Custom Requests- If you’re looking for something specific, please feel free to let me know in the contact me page, I would love to accommodate you if I can be of service! I can provide samples of any custom work requested in a very timely manner.

All services listed above are subject to customer review; editing will always be available for tweaks if there are any issues. I am fully committed to providing the highest possible quality and value to my customers through superior communication.

Social Media Marketing

  • Advertising – Using targeted ads to get your business in front of the appropriate audience that wants to buy your product or service!
  • Brand Establishment/Creation – Using techniques to build your brand, I will optimize your website and social media accounts to tell the story of your business, providing a great foundation for customers to build a relationship with you.
  • Social Media Posts – Through our communication, I can develop social media posts that engage the audience and get meaningful responses/reactions and attention.
  • Social Media Management – Do you need someone to manage the social media presence of your business with relevant posts to keep your page/account active and in front of your audience? Great, I would love to help with that.
Contact me today so we can start working together; I know that great copy writing can have an impact on your business.

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