3 Lessons I Learned By Changing Careers

There are an endless amount of excuses for why we're unhappy, and most of the time we blame our "jobs", citing that the boss or management are evil cats who don't want to share the ball of yarn.

3 Handy Ways To Endure A Quarantine

It's almost May, and most of the Country is still on lockdown in some capacity. Either a "stay-at-home" order, or an all out restriction of travel and non-essential trips.

How Can Doing the Dishes Can Save Your Relationship?

Read that title again because you have to understand how important the little things are. I know you've got things to do, so I'm going to keep this post super short and sweet. The dishes... Really? Absolutely! It seems tiny and insignificant, but trust me (guys out there), if you're getting home from work and … Continue reading How Can Doing the Dishes Can Save Your Relationship?

How to get to the best version of yourself!

The very best version of you must include your own happiness, even if your purpose is to serve others, your life and health cannot be the expense of that effort.