Manufacturing Skills That Are Transferable

Two years ago, it seemed as if there would never be another job where I would ever make as much money as a I did in manufacturing because I didn't have skills relevant to any other line of work. I'm still not convinced that I can make "manufacturing money" anywhere else. But the truth is … Continue reading Manufacturing Skills That Are Transferable

Abrasive Finishing Explained

It really depends on who is being asked the question, but generally if all employees of a metal fabrication shop are polled to see which department is the "worst", there will likely be a lot of votes for grinding/deburr department. While their reason may vary dramatically, it really comes down to one (or all) of … Continue reading Abrasive Finishing Explained

What you need to know about stainless steel

As you know, steel is a metal with many different properties. It can be malleable (the level of such depends upon the thickness and composition). While cold-rolled-steel may be easily manipulated at a thinner side of the spectrum (around 0.60"), you'll be hard pressed to do the same to material at a quarter-inch thick. Cold-Rolled-Steel … Continue reading What you need to know about stainless steel

Back to the Grind

You've got your work piece bent, and welded at the seams.. Now what? Do you just leave the exposed weld and paint over it? Sometimes you'll want to leave that exposed weld for aesthetic purposes or because shaping and polishing the weld not necessary for the application of that particular part (for example, internal components … Continue reading Back to the Grind

How do metalworkers cut material?

Let's get right to the point, you won't be able to make much without cutting down your materials. When it comes to sizing up your work piece, there are a lot of options out there depending on the size of your operation and bankroll, you could spend $10 or well over $1 million to get … Continue reading How do metalworkers cut material?

What does a metalworker do?

You're driving down a stretch of highway in upstate New York, maybe you're going for a trip to the Adirondacks. When you look to the edge of the road you may see a stretch of steel tubing along the side. That's the result of safety requirements in that area to keep cars with sleepy drivers … Continue reading What does a metalworker do?