Quick Tips To Deal With Anxiety

We live in a time where anxiety is a HUGE buzzword, but that doesn’t mean it’s “popular” or that it should be shrugged off because it’s trendy.

There are a lot of factors that put pressure on us mentally on a daily basis.

Things like: careers, friendships, relationships, children and all of the concern surrounding our loved ones who are aging rapidly.

Listen, we can’t stop time or even try to slow it down. But, if we stop progressing forward because we’re afraid of things changing, that’s a dangerous place to be… At the top of a proverbial landslide, inching ever closer to the edge.

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Let’s see if we can’t ease your mind a little today.

Identify The Variables

You’re vibrating with insecurities, the instability of life, or even the condition of your own health.

Those are all valid concerns! But, they’re a few of thousands of variables to life that effect our mental stability.

The trick to relieving pressure here is to consciously separate things into two categories.


These are variables that you can change directly.

  • Not having enough money – Pick up a different or additional job
  • Not in great physical shape – Start exercising and eating right
  • Do not have clean clothes to wear – Do some laundry

Just a few very basic examples, but they’re all things we can change to feel better. It takes time out of the day that we might not feel like we have, but it’s doable.

Identify what needs to be done that can provide relief to the anxious feeling you’re having.


These variables are a lot more difficult to handle.

  • Relationship troubles/divorce – Sometimes there is no fixing this issue.
  • World turmoil – War, disease, economic issues – These cannot be controlled by an individual
  • Aging (self or loved ones) – Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop time

Again, just a few examples of common worries that are beyond our personal control. Sometimes these realizations are even more concerning at first, but facing our problems and putting them in categories does provide some peace.

This is a method to limit worry as much as possible because losing energy on things we cannot change does not help propel us forward, but instead will hold us back.

Pick A Direction And Move

This ties right in with the previous section, in that we have to pick a direction and move that way.

If you’re sitting in a sports car with 600+ horsepower and you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll just end up nowhere and out of gas.

It’s important to know your destination (or at least a general direction) so we aren’t wasting time spinning our wheels.

Sit down a make a plan! It doesn’t have to be ultra specific, but the more specific we get, the better our results will be.

Even narrowing it down to a handful of milestones is a great first step. Identify the most important action you can do today, once it is done and checked off we can move on to the next important task.

No matter what direction you pick, make sure it’s forward instead of backward.

Make Time For Your Passion

I know what you’re thinking… It’s hard to focus on your passion when you are so overwhelmed all of the time.

The cycle must be broken, and the best way to do that is to find ways to enjoy your day.

My passion is developing strong relationships, helping others, working with my hands, and anything mechanical.

Most recently my outlet has been driving a manual car I recently purchased to help relieve some stress because it’s enjoyable to be so connected (mechanically) with a car. My input directly effects the performance of the vehicle.

I also spend a great deal of time with my children, helping them grow and understand the world.

In addition to that, I enjoy time learning with and experiencing life with my significant other who means a great deal to me.


By dream, I mean you should really get consistent sleep.

At one point in my life, sleep was not a priority and it absolutely had an impact on my mental state and career performance.

Whether it’s 4 hours per night or 8 hours per night that allows your body to be optimal, it’s consistency that makes a difference.

We need to do things that challenge us on a regular basis to stretch our minds higher and produce more satisfying results in life.

Imagine never leaving a 10 acre piece of property your entire life.

You may know every inch of that 10 acres but once you step out of that area you’re lost.

You don’t want to be lost mentally, so don’t short yourself.

Treat Yourself Like Someone You’re Responsible For Taking Care Of

Jordan Peterson states this as Rule #2 in his book “12 Rules For Life: An Antidote To Chaos”

Be kind to yourself, but don’t allow yourself to always avoid pain in order to gain pleasure.

Some things that must be done are not easy or comfortable, but it’s about what is best for us, not what is comfortable or fun.

You would not let a child eat anything they wanted all day or they would likely eat sweets all day which would lead to obesity and a slew of other health related issues.

In conclusion, eliminate the negative self talk, pursue a life worth living and always keep moving forward.

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